Talk is Cheap.

and Valuable.

Vocodia’s DISA is Disruptively Priced and Easy to Implement


Customized for You

Every business is different, and yours is no exception. Vocodia begins by learning about your enterprise and requirements, and then recommends the best scalable DISA implementation for your needs.

Setup and Training

Our DISA setup process is swift. After building out your implementation, we carefully walk you through all dashboard controls. The DISA AI only needs to be trained on your script once.

Turn on the Leads

Unleashed, DISA will begin calling and prequalifying leads to hand off to your live closers. DISA works like a faucet, allowing you to adjust and “fine tune” the flow of calls on the fly.

Perfecting your Process

DISA continues to learn and improve as it works. The more conversations it has, the more conversational it becomes. You can run multiple DISAs to increase volume, and they will all benefit mutually.

See the Future

Vocodia helps you to get the most out of your DISA implementation. DISA’s tireless consistency allows your business to plan ahead while streamlining your operations. We will show you how.

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